CITY4KIDS — An app for tablet

1 — Presentation

The City4Kids App is a personal project and was created based on a set of books illustrated by Inês Prazeres, a portuguese designer. The book is a guide for children, of Portuguese places of interest, namely cities like Coimbra or Sintra. The main characters in the book take the readers on an adventure through the city — there are of great fun and also have beautiful illustrations.

I really enjoy these books and I feel that they could be highlighted if the experience was transferred to something more interactive. Since I was attending an iOS & Objective-C course at the time I decided to give it a go and presented such as a final project.

Even though I was responsible for its implementation, the project was developed in collaboration with the illustrator Inês Prazeres so the illustrations could be adapted as needed to respond to the implementation requirements. And because she is a mother of two little girls she gave me great inputs about apps that she used with her girls. I also asked a couple of friends about it and had great fun exploring apps for kids.

2 — Process

I started this project by using pencil + paper in order to define the content of each screen, based on the story sequence that was already defined on the books. I decided the main screen of the app as well all the screens that could be presented to the user.

This process helped me identify the main screens, the interactions between the screens, the possible options presented on each screen and also the type of interaction that could help the (little) user learn about the place (using sound, text or a simple game). It also helped me with the implementation in terms of how I should organize and structure my code given the programming constrains (and also my limited knowledge too) and also was useful to identify what I needed even though I started to write code (for example, specific illustrations or sounds).

3 — Final Design

It was so much fun seeing the project coming to life and realising that it was a great challenge too:)

Even though I never submitted to the App Store, it was a great project in order to get the feeling of the process and be aware of the challenge of implementing it!